What’s Happening


15     Hamiota 60th Anniversary – postponed to April 26 See Poster page
16     Grand Squares – St Patrick’s Dance – cancelled
17     Paradise St Patrick’s dance – cancelled
28     Winnipeg Contra Dance – cancelled See Poster page
31     Brandon Circle 8s – cancelled, last dance for 2019/20 season

02     Paws N Taws – Holiday “T –Shirt” and Summer Wear Dance and Boxed Lunch. AKA Brian Lewis’ birthday party. Club provides Cake and decorates birthday party theme.
03    Whirlaway AGM
09    Swinging Squares – no dance
09     Paws N Taws – Regular Dancing on Holy Thursday. Club provides Easter Treats.
10     Whirlaway – no dance
14     St Vital Swingers Jamboree – cost is $5 per person  See Poster page
17     Whirlaway Graduation
18     Cancelled – Eastern Association Spring Dance at Greendell CC with Sandi D and Brian L.  See Poster page
20     Grand Squares – AGM
21     St Vital Swingers AGM
23     Paws N Taws AGM
23     Cancelled – Swinging Squares AGM
24     Whirlaway Wind-up with Banquet at 6pm
28     St Vital Swingers Windup – Cost is $17.75 including supper at Smitties
28     Paradise Square’s 25th Anniversary  See Poster page

01     Cancelled – Qd Rhythm Gala  See Poster page
03     Cancelled – Beausejour Swinging Squares Jamboree See Poster page
04     Grand Squares Wind Up Celebration and Grad- catered meal followed by dancing
05     Paradise Squares Wind Up dance
07     Paws N Taws – Wind Up and Grad. Catered Dinner at 6pm sharp.
07     Cancelled – Swinging Squares – Windup Dance at the hall, pot luck supper
18-21 Round Dance Instructors School – Alberta See Poster page

19 – 20 Cancelled – Wasagaming Weekend with Ernie H and Sandi D See Poster page

30 – Aug 01  Canadian National Convention in BC  See web page

19    Whirlaway 6th Annual PLUS Dance  See Poster page
26    EMSRDA Manitoba 150 Dance with Trevor G and Sandi D  See Poster page
25/26 Billings Big Sky Round Up Plus Weekend  See Poster page

24   Come Together Jamboree 2020  See Poster page

28   EMSRDA Winter dance at Greendell CC with Brian A and Ted K