Crocus Awards

1. Purpose:

The Manitoba Crocus Award is to officially recognize excellence, dedication, and, outstanding achievement by dancers. callers, leaders, and instructors in the province of’ Manitoba. Two classes of the Award are authorized THE CROCUS MERIT AWARD and THE CROCUS LONG SERVICE AWARD., The CROCUS MERIT AWARD will be presented to those who have made an outstanding contribution beyond the scope of their regular activities.  Members can only receive both awards once.

2. Nomination:

Any individual, club, or Association may originate nominations. The maximum number of nominations that may be submitted to the Federation per year is four per Association. These nominations are received by the Federation, upon review and approval by, the regional Association. No nomination should be forwarded to the Federation unless it has the support off the executive of the Association. Each Association receives Guidelines and Nomination Forms from the Federation in October, The deadline for receipt of Nomination Forms by the Federation’s Awards Coordinator is April 1st. This provides the time required for the Provincial Awards Coordinator to photocopy and mail the submissions to the Members of the Board of Governors for their review before the May Meeting.

3. Eligibility

Nominees must have been active in Square, Round Dancing, Clogging, or Line Dancing for not less than five years.  Nominees may, be current or no-longer active dancers, callers or leaders, who qualify according to the criteria, defined under 1. Purpose, above. Nominations for posthumous awards will also be accepted, according to the same criteria.

4. Selection:

(a) The Awards Coordinator will publish in the March issues of Manisquare and Westman Dancer the nomination procedures for the Crocus Awards, and will send a copy of this article to the President of the Parkland Division. The information should include:
i. The definition of the awards,
ii, that the nominees must have been active in their field for at least 5 years to be eligible for the Crocus Merit Award,
iii, that the nominees must have been active in their field for at least 15 Years. to be eligible for the Crocus Long Service Award,
vi that the nominees must have been members, of an Association or Division for the time period for which they receive the award,
v. where nomination papers may be obtained,
vi. that nomination papers must be submitted to the secretary of the nominee’s Association or Division for approval prior to submission to the Board.

(b) The annual selection of the Manitoba Crocus Award recipients is made by the Board of Governors of the Federation at the spring/summer (June) meeting. In the process of selecting the recipients, the Board will decide whether the nominee will receive tile Crocus Merit Award or the Crocus Long Service Award.

Nominees whose accomplishments reflect extraordinary contributions of an innovative or improving nature shall receive the Crocus Merit Award. Each nominee should be judged in the context of his/her Association

Nominees whose contributions reflect a continuing dedication to the normal activities of their classification (i.e. dancer or caller/leader) for a period of 15 years shall receive the Crocus Long Service Award. Not more than six award winners will be selected in any one year, the decisions of the Board of Governors are final.

5. Voting Procedure:

Each Governor may speak for or against any nominee, based on their personal knowledge, however, the feelings of the Association must be declared by their representative, if it should he different from their own.

The selection will be made by secret ballot, if requested by a board member, after the discussion is complete and a motion to approve has been make. A simple majority is required.

 6. Awards:

The physical awards, provided by the Federation are:

Crocus Long Service Award

a. A certificate of quality paper, with decorative art work, inscribed -“Achievement Award for Outstanding Contribution and Dedication to the Square and Round Dance Recreation” and including the date and the name(s) of the recipients.-The certificate is signed by the President of the Federation and by the President of the Nominating Association: and

b. A Crocus Merit pin for each recipient.

The Manitoba Crocus Long Service Award

a. A certificate of quality, paper, with decorative art work-, inscribed “Award for Long Service and Dedication to the ‘Square and Round Dance Recreation” and including the date and name(s) of the recipients The certificate is signed by the President of the Federation and the President of the Nominating Association; and,

b. A Crocus Long Service pin for each recipient,

7. Presentation

The place, time, and event for the presentation of an Award are decided by the Executive of the Association to which the recipient belongs. Whenever possible, award presentations are made by the President of the Federation. If the Federation President is unavailable for the presentation, the Nominees’ Association President or designate shall present the Award to the recipient The Federation’s Awards Coordinator sends the physical awards directly to the “named presenter” prior to the date of the presentation ceremony,

8. Recording:

A file documenting the presentation of the Awards is necessary. The file includes the profiles of the recipients, names, and addresses of the Association to which the recipient(s) belong, The Award file is the responsibility of the Federation’s Secretary for entries and safe-keeping. It is passed on to succeeding Secretaries.

A plaque, with tile award winners’ names inscribed on the Plaque, will be displayed at Federation events and where ever the presentations are made The historian will retain the plaque for safe-keeping.

9. Confidentiality:

In order to make the Award process as positive as possible and to reduce the possibility of generating negative feelings, no information relating the discussion on voting will be disseminated beyond the Federation’s Board of Governors. It is recommended that the Association follow it practice.

10. Revenues:

Funding for the Manitoba Crocus Awards is provided by the. Manitoba Square and Round Dance Federation, Inc.

Revised: May 2010 Amended: October 2017 Updated: October 2018

11. Nomination form
Follow this link for a Crocus form 2018 Printable form.

12.  Crocus Award Guidelines 2018
Follow this link for the latest guidelines crocus award guidelines 2018