Corona Virus 2020

Corona Virus vs Dancing

Notices listed on this page are in reverse order by date.  Newest at the top.  I do not edit any prior notices when a new one arrives.  Any clubs not mentioned have not sent me any notices.


  • Classic Squares is back Feb 27
  • Diamond Squares is back Feb 23
  • Beausejour is back on Feb 17
  • St Vital returns to dance Feb 15
  • Whirlaway returns to dance Feb 11
  • Diamond Squares– indefinite delay
  • Classic Squares– indefinite delay
  • Beausejour will delay until January 27, announced Jan 19
  • Whirl Away Westerners will delay until January 28
  • Warren’s Thursday Afternoon and Portage – indefinite delay
  • Pass N Taws indefinite delay
  • Qd Rhythm announces they will start dancing Jan 10
  • Beausejour delays the return to dancing until at least Jan 20
  • Whirlaways delays the return to dancing until Jan 21
  • Grand Squares delays the return to dancing until Jan 31
  • St Vital delays until Jan 25
  • Paws N Taws delays until Jan 20th
  • Diamond Squares delays return to dancing until January 26
  • Classic Squares delays return to dancing until January 31
  • Crazy 8 and portage both delayed till January 20 or when Covid


  • Fred B starts new club, Classic Squares, on Sunday nights See poster page.
  • Diamond Squares; starting date TBA
  • Portage to start dancing Thursday nights
  • Portage has received permission from MB Gov’t to conduct square dance classes under MB Public Health Order #14 (Sept 2, 2021) while following precise safety practices outlined by MB Public Health and the Herman Prior Centre
  • St Vital Swingers announces they will open for dancing on Sept 21 at the usual place and time.  However you must have proof of double vaccination, wear mask at all times, hand sanitize after every tip, bring your own water, no food please, chairs are to be spaced apart, and please do not come if you are not well.  posted Sept 10
  • Alberta Convention 2021 cancelled
  • Alberta Square and Round Dance 52nd Convention, Sept 3 – 6.  See poster page.

Virtual Dances

  • The organizers of the National Convention in Surrey that was scheduled for 2020 and postponed to 2021 is now cancelled.  A notice has been circulated to club presidents.  Cheques are in the mail.  See poster page.  Posted Feb 8 2021
  • Many callers have started to teach Virtual Square Dancing using Zoom.  The classes are geared towards 1, 2, 3, or 4 dancers.  As long as we are in lock down due to Corona, they are assuming there will not be full squares.
  • Ray Brendzy will be starting classes Tuesday January 19th, and it is for all levels of dancers.  See his poster for info.
  • Lorne Smith is doing virtual dances for Mainstream, Plus, A, and C level dancers.  Contact him at for more information.  See this poster.
  • Barry McCombs hosts a virtual square dance Tuesdays at 8 PM.  Contact him at for more information.
  • Brent Mawdsley host two dancers a week.  Start January 25th.  See his poster.



  • Prairie Belles & Beaus announced the closing of their club.  Posted Dec 2020
  • Canadian Square and Round Dance Society will be holding a virtual AGM in November 2020.  See poster page for AGM information and booklet.  Posted Oct 30
  • Whirlaway sent a reminder that all dance, regular and special, are cancelled until further notice.  posted Sept 18
  • Western Association have cancelled their dance for Nov 7th.  Posted Sept 11
  • The Federation Board has decided to cancel Come Together 2020.  Posted Sept 6th.
  • Beausejour Swinging Squares announce they will not be dancing until further notice – posted Aug 30
  • St Vital Swingers announce they will not be back dancing until it is safe to do so – posted Aug 30
  • Federation will not be requesting the membership fee from the associations for the 2020/21 season – posted Aug 29
  • Eastern Association will not be requesting the registration fee nor the support fee from clubs as dancers for the 2020/21 season – posted Aug 29
  • Paws N Taws will not be dancing for the rest of 2020 – posted Aug 28
  • Eastman Manitoba 150 dance in Sept cancelled – posted Aug 24
  • Eastman November dance cancelled – posted Aug 24
  • Hamiota has officially cancelled their 60th Anniversary Jamboree and will be mailing refunds soon.  Posted Aug 20 2020
  • Circle 8s dancing is cancelled until further notice.  Likely after the new year.
  • Circle 8s Jamboree 2020 in November is cancelled.
  • Florida State Convention February 2021 is cancelled.  Posted Aug 2020
  • TJ’s closed until further notice. – posted May 1
  • 2020 Convention in Surrey has been postponed until 2021.  Here is the message from the committee. We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy through these unprecedented times or supporting loved ones through their battle with COVID-19. It is with deep regret that we inform you of the postponement of the 2020 Canadian National Square Dance Festival in Surrey, BC. Over the past number of weeks, we have been monitoring developments related to COVID-19. With the World Health Organization and the Canadian Government recommending self-quarantine and many institutions strongly advising individuals to restrict travel, along with the Government of British Columbia advising us that there will be no conferences or large gatherings this summer, we know it is no longer practical nor ethical to continue with plans for the 2020 Canadian National Square Dance Convention this summer. The committee has elected to postpone our convention, and our new dates will be July 8-10, 2021. The location will remain the Sheraton Hotel in Surrey, BC. We understand that this may change your circumstances or your ability to attend next year, and we are offering you the opportunity to have your registration refunded or rolled over to next year. For those of you with hotel reservations, the hotel will move your reservation to comparable dates as your existing reservation with no change in the room rate. We are excited to share our beautiful city and province with you and hope you will join us for “More Fun in 2021”.Thanks and be well!  – posted April 26th
  • Belles N Beaus closed until further notice.  posted April 5th
  • There is a rumor that the National Convention for 2022 will be in Fredricton NB on July 21-23 2022
  • Hamiota has moved their Anniversary dance to Oct 4th.  New poster available  posted April 8th
  • Q’d Rhythm Gala for May 1st is cancelled.  Posted April 6th
  • The 2020 Convention people have issued a statement regarding the convention.
    “The 2020 Canadian National committee is committed to our convention. We realize that times are not what they once were and while there have been many cancellations of many dances, we remain optimistic that circumstances will change for the better.  We hope to be the light at the end of the tunnel. We will make a decision at the end of April, based on input from the government, medical and other informed individuals.
    In the meantime, stay home and stay safe.”
    Secretary for 2020 Festival
    604-469-1661 – posted March 30
  • Paradise Squares have cancelled the remainder of their dance season.  Their 25th Anniversary postponed to a future date.  posted March 29th
  • American National Jamboree is cancelled posted March 26
  • Alberta Square and Round Dance Instructors cancelled their May instructor school posted March 23rd
  • Wasagaming Weekend dance in Onanole cancelled forever – posted March 20
  • Happy Happy Hustlers are not regular night dancing posted March 19th
  • Whirlaways has closed until further notice posted March 18
  • Beausejour has cancelled the 2020 Jamboree posted March 18
  • Beausejour has cancelled all remaining dances for this season posted March 18
  • Western Association dance for April 5 is cancelled posted March 18
  • Western Association AGM is postponed to a date to be announced posted March 18
  • the American National Jamboree is still on for June 17-20
  • Paradise Village hall closed until further notice posted March 16th
  • Eastern Association dance on April 18th is cancelled posted March 16th
  • EMSRDA AGM for April 18 is postponed posted March 16th
  • Brandon Circle 8s have cancel all remaining dances posted March 16th
  • Paws N Taws closed until the end of March posted March 16th
  • Whirlaway’s Plus dance moved to Sept 19 posted March 15th
  • St Vital Squares closed until further notice – posted March 16
  • Crazy 8s cancelled until further notice posted March 15th
  • Q’d Rhythm has closed until Monday March 30 posted March 15th
  • Paradise Squares has cancelled all March dances posted March 15th
  • Contra Dance March 28 is cancelled posted March 15th
  • Club 50 April dance in Beausejour is cancelled
  • All rec centres in Wpg closed but no word on community centres
  • Western Association April dance is cancelled – posted March 18
  • Portage has cancelled until further notice –posted March 15th
  • Eastern Association AGM postponed until further notice posted March 14th
  • TJ’s demo for March 30 cancelled posted March 14th
  • Grand Squares closed until further notice posted March 14th
  • Fort Frances Spring Fling cancelled – posted March 15
  • All Callers’ Dance cancelled –  posted March 14th
  • Beausejour closed until further notice, posted March 14th
  • Prairie Belles N Beaus closed until at least April 17 – posted March 14
  • Diamond Squares closed until further notice – posted March 14
  • Hamiota Anniversary postponed till April 26 – posted March 13